Thailand Food Tours – 5 Things You Must Know Before You Book

Thai food tours are an excellent way to learn about the local cuisine. A food tour in Thailand will allow you to sample a variety of the country’s famously spicy cuisine. Because it is heavily reliant on natural ingredients, spices, and chili. Thai cuisine is frequently regarded as among the healthiest in the world. A cuisine tour in Thailand can teach you a lot about Thai history and culture, especially in Bangkok, which has a lot of street food in every corner. You might not be able to eat them all in one sitting.

Before you begin searching for a food tour program on the website, consider the following factors. It is critical that you do not sign up with an illegal food tour company. These five factors should be considered when booking any type of tour to avoid losing money, falling victim to fraud, and supporting overseas companies that embezzle local businesses.

Tourism License

Before engaging in any tour activity in Thailand, every tour operator, agency, and organization must obtain a tour license from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. You simply cannot hire someone to do a tour for you if the operator does not have a license. It is illegal to operate a tour company or website in Thailand without a tourism license. Before booking a food tour, please check the license number of the company, agency, or website. Otherwise, you may become a victim of a scam.

Aside from the tourism license, lawful tour agencies and operators in Thailand must first obtain valid licenses from both the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Department of Business Development before the permit, which is valid for two years, can be issued. To continue operating their tour company, they must renew their license every two years.

It is difficult for a tour agency, operator, or company in Thailand to meet a few requirements in order to obtain a license to conduct tours. This regulation is intended to prevent scams and fraud in the tourism industry, as well as to make it difficult for foreign entities to enter the market and steal business from locals. For over a decade, there was a lot of fraud in Thai tourism before the government decided to strictly implement such a policy to regulate every tour operator in Thailand and protect local businesses. Before the company can obtain a valid tour operator’s license from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, it must first register with the Thai government’s Department of Business Development.

To compete with local businesses, many foreign food tour companies set up a website without a license and a physical office in Thailand and sell tours on their website. It is simple to identify them; any food tour website that does not display a license is considered illegal and usually belongs to foreign companies.

Customers and tour guides are not insured by a foreign food tour company. A legal food tour operator must provide insurance to tourists and tour guides in order to protect them from injury and food poisoning.

Please avoid any food tour company or website that does not have a valid TAT license (Tourism Authority of Thailand). The majority of them use websites to sell their bookings, even on platforms like ‘Tripadvisor and Getyourguide’. The money you paid for the tour does not go to the local community; instead, it goes to the foreign entity where the company is located. Always request a license before making a reservation, and look up the license number on the official Thailand tourism website. 

If you are looking to book a Food Tour, you can do so on our website. We are a licensed and registered local business.

Check out their reviews

Before booking a tour, make sure to read the reviews on OTA websites such as Tripadvisor, Getyourguide, and Google Reviews to see how good the tour is.

A company must have a good rating on TripAdvisor and GetYourGuide in order to thrive. People nowadays trust online reviews just as much as they do personal recommendations. You should investigate them, including links to their websites on social media and with credible profiles to encourage customers to book.

When looking for consumer feedback, it’s important to consider both the positive and negative aspects of their food tour experience. It is critical that a genius review be combined with both positive and negative feedback. There is always some constructive criticism, no matter how good a tour is, and it is impossible to please everyone. Reviews, to be honest, can be fabricated. There are some fake reviews on tripadvisor and getyourguide, but it is not possible to fake a large number of reviews because IP addresses are heavily scrutinized by these platforms.

When we finish a tour, we always ask our clients to leave us feedback on these websites. You can read our brilliant reviews on the following establishments on our website


Make sure the food is safe before booking a food tour in Thailand. When visiting Bangkok, food quality and safety are critical. Find out how long the tour operator has been in business and if they use the same restaurants. Hopefully, they care about food safety. Inquire whether the tour’s food is safe and sanitary from the tour.

Then, learn about the tour company’s food safety policy. Is there a way to ensure that food is cooked correctly and that dishes and equipment are clean? Is food safety training provided to street vendors? Think about your risk tolerance. If you’re worried about getting food poisoning on a Thai food tour, think again. If you’re feeling adventurous, a food tour could be an excellent way to sample some of the best local cuisine.

We’ve been doing the food tour for over a decade and work with most vendors to ensure cleanliness and food safety before using their services for our Food Tour.

Guide must communicate well

Before booking a food tour expedition, make sure your tour guide is fluent in English. This way, you won’t miss a beat as you hear the stories and learn the facts about the meals you’re trying. Your ability to ask questions and manage your time will be greatly improved. Before joining the food tour, read testimonials about a potential tour guide’s communication skills.

Safe neighborhood

Make sure the areas you’ll be visiting are safe before booking a food tour in Thailand. Even though Thailand is primarily a risk-free destination, there are a few areas you should avoid at night.

Before planning a trip, look into crime statistics in the areas you intend to visit. Inquire with your tour guide or hotel staff about places to avoid. If at all possible, stay on well-lit streets with plenty of foot traffic. A few common-sense precautions can ensure the safety and enjoyment of your Thai food tour.

Our tour guide grew up in the area where we conduct the tour. We guarantee that the places we visit are among the safest in Bangkok, but traffic can be exciting at times. Tuk Tuk Food Tour allows you to experience the life of a community in an undiscovered area of Bangkok.


When booking a food tour in Thailand or any other type of tour, the first thing you should consider is whether they have a valid TAT license. Otherwise, you may fall victim to a scam or purchase illegal services. You won’t have to worry about the tour if you booked with a licensed tour agency. Check to see if the food tour has positive reviews; if there are some negative reviews, it shows that the feedback is genuine and not fabricated. Every food tour operator is concerned about food safety. Make sure the location they bring you to is a frequently visited location where the tour usually takes place, as this ensures that the foods are safe to eat. 

For more information about food tour in Bangkok, visit our Food Tour Blog.


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