Thai Bus Food Tour – Review

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City bus tours are a delight. Whether you take the ride in European cities like Edinburgh or Paris or maybe American city like New York, these hop on hop off bus tours is really fun. How about if you get something more? Let us see, if it is an Asian City, like Bangkok in Thailand and what if it is not a hop in hop off but a double-decker bus for city ride and above all this, how about if you get to taste traditional Thai food while traveling? No, I am not joking! There is a tour called ‘Thai Bus Food Tour’ that has all of these, including a tour guide onboard. Let us explore the tour a little deeper.

What is ‘Thai Bus Food Tour’?

Thai Bus Food Tour

As the term explained itself, ‘Thai Bus Food Tour’ is a beautiful luxurious double decker air conditioner truck, like a movable restaurant that run around the Rattanakosin area of inner Bangkok with catering Michelin-starred menu on the vehicle, this is operated by a local company and supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The passenger cabin is located on the second floor of the bus which is great for sightseeing and viewing the street and historic building from a higher ground through wider and large windows.

Route around old district of central metropolis begin from the river city as departing point running via Chinatown to Pra Nakon in a non-repeated merry-go-round distance.

The Idea

It is the first of its kind high-end bus travel in Thailand. They use an exclusive and high-class Double Decker truck for the tour. The idea is to improvise the tasting of the local cuisines while sightseeing at the same time. It is the combination of touring with gourmet experience is mixed together to build a wonderful duet. This is the best sightseeing in Bangkok while enjoying authentic Thai Foods. There are four daily routes for the tour and on special occasions, depending on the request of a private party or business purpose, special routes are also arranged. Within the bus, there is free WiFi, GPS, USB Charger, CCTV, Sound System, LCD Monitor, and all other modern amenities. There are a total of 24 passenger seats.

The Route

thai bus food tour

The two-story bus will cover most of the attraction of Bangkok. There are a total of 18 attractions. It goes through the entire route of Rattanakosin Island (older part of center Bangkok), you will get to see Hua Lamphong Railway Station, Yaowarat Chinatown ‘the notorious street food market’, Golden Mount, Wat Traimit Temple, The Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Democracy Monument, Wat Pho, The Giant Swing, The Palace, Dusit Phukhao Thong, and Mahakan Fort. The entire tour takes around one and a half hours.

The Food

In addition to seeing all those breathtaking places including the Night lights in Bangkok, you will be able to taste authentic Thai foods on board. In the Lunch Menu, comes with a 6 Course and 2 Michelin Awarded Thai menu serve with hot tea, or coffee.

On the dinner menu food is served again with a 6 Course and 2 Michelin Awarded Thai menu and hot tea. All foods are prepared from only premium quality ingredients. The menu contains specialty Thai food like pad Thai, the famous Rolled noodle with crispy pork, Thai Massaman curry with chicken. Vegetarian, kids and Halal menus are also available but you need to inform them beforehand while making a booking on our ‘Thai Bus Food Tour‘ website. Seasonal rotation can be seen in the menu but still, they keep Michelin and high-grade level at all the time.

In addition, the ‘Night Life’ menu is more catering for people who want to enjoy sightseeing at night with light appetizers, and the list ends with ‘Mont Nom Sod’. This night-life program is great for couples.

For those who prefer sightseeing, there is a excursion program for those who want to enjoy the at-leisure rather than ingest. There are dessert, small appetizer and tea served while you can enjoy the scenery on a luxurious commute-based restaurant.

Time / Schedule

The Lunch tour starts from 11.30 AM to 1.00PM. Dinner route is from 5.30 PM to 7.00 PM. Night-Life package begins from 7:30PM to 9PM. Sightseeing (light-meal) program start from 2 PM. to 3:30 PM. All pick and drop will be done from in front of River City Building. They operate on a daily basis and please note that the booking gets closed two days before the tour.


The price is differ seasonally, the cost between January to August is 1390 THB per pax for Lunch, Dinner and Night-Life program tours, as for sightseeing tour is 650 THB per pax. From September to December is the high-season for tourism so the price is slight higher compare to low-season. The is 1590 THB for the three high-class dine-in and for sightseeing is 790 THB. In today’s exchange rate, 100 baht is almost $3.60 USD.

Special Menu

There are special menus on the tour as well. Before booking you can require for special list of foods like ‘Kid menu’, ‘Vegetarian menu’ and ‘Halal menu’ The price for kid menu is 890 THB, and 1390 THB for both vegetarian and Halal menus.

Should you join ‘Thai Bus Food Tour’ expedition?

If you want to experience Bangkok, Thailand this might be the best tour available. If you dislike walking but love to explore the older part of the city, then we encourage you to take the tour for exploration and experience authentic Thai food while enjoying your panoramic sighting around the city on a bus.

You can book your ticket here: Thai Bus Food Tour

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