7 Reasons Why You Should Join A Food Tour in Bangkok

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Bangkok is a huge city in Thailand. On one hand, it is a vibrant modern metropolis with skyscrapers, expensive hotels, shopping malls, and night markets. On the other hand there are chaotic traffic, the over-crowded street filled with people and food vendors, the crazy drivers and motorcyclists. The best thing about Bangkok is the delicious street food, refreshing beverages and night-life.

Street foods are popular among tourists, both local and international travelers. That makes food tour to become so popular in the city. It allows visitors to sample a range of cuisines, as well as to learn about the hidden culture through foods. Food tours are frequently involve a group of people visiting multiple stalls, shops and restaurants for a few bites of various specialties and meals. They are becoming more popular since they get to taste multiple authentic local dishes and have a guide navigate them around from main street to a small alley. The tour can provide tourists with not only a pleasant cultural experience, but also the opportunity to try new menu and develop an appreciation for many different types of eatery.

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7 Reasons about Signing-Up For A Food Tour in Bangkok

1. Bangkok is overwhelm with street vendors across the city

Food tour in Bangkok can be fun if you like exploration and eating. The tour will provide appropriate amount of food that you wouldn’t be able to find in a conventional restaurant. Enjoy Thai food, experience Thai culture and shop at local market. “City of Angels” or Bangkok, Thailand is like a melting pot of various cultures, lifestyle, and food. The place is well-known for its overwhelming street stands selling ‘pad thai’, ‘kaeng som’ (orange curry), ‘khanom krok’ (coconut dessert), and endless list. If you visit the area and feeling confusing where to eat, then food tour is an excellent opportunity for you to discover the city’s culinary diversity. The guide will take you to some of the city’s top traditional shops and restaurant, where you will find real local cooking that you will not find in your normal Thai restaurant.

2. Let the expert guide you to where to eat

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When it comes to looking for a place with good foods without having to go through research on the internet. Having a food tour guide can help a lot. Bangkok’s food scene is as diverse as its population. The street food stall and diner scene is forever growing, with new and exciting one opening every month. Of course, there are the classics renowned: the ‘Pad Thai’ from ‘Thipsamai’ and ‘crab omelette’ from ‘Jay Fai’. But Bangkok is full of hidden gems: delicious street foods on Chinatown, a hip pavement cafes and bars on Soi Nana, and exquisite seafood at the old market of Yaowarat Road are just a few examples. Having someone expert to guide you where to go and which stop to eat will save you time and money.

3. Eat safe and hygiene

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You can eat with confidence if you eat in a clean place. Not only is hygiene crucial in cooking, and also all ingredients, discipline, utensils and materials they use must cleanse and sanitize. One thing we must keep in mind is that when we eat on a street, the food is expose to pollution in a public place. As a result, the food offered is of lower quality. When I was in Bangkok, I was always on the lookout for clean street food vendors. How could you tell how clean they are? Well you need someone who know the area and place to eat well enough to guide you. A guide is someone brought his or her client to eat at a certain place on multiple occasion and it guarantee the safeness of foods they offered.

4. Discover the hidden gems


If you’ve gone to Bangkok on a few occasions, you’ll notice how large the city is. Throughout the city, there are numerous eateries and shops concealed in the corners of alleys. The problem is that you can’t tell how genuine, clean, and tasty they are. If you’re traveling alone, you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. But how do you find them if they’re hidden deep in an alley? If you do a Google search, you might find a decent venue to enjoy your cuisine. Going through all those reviews can be very time consuming; what if another ten restaurants appear on Google.com? Joining a food tour will help you save time while looking for a pleasant spot to dine rather than spending an entire day reading those comments to make you feel at ease in going there. You can read our recent content here ‘5 Best Thai Foodies‘.

5. Avoid bad and overhype foods

There are numerous exquisite street delicacies to choose from, as well as a long list of dishes to avoid. A lengthy line implies that the meal must be excellent, however this is not always the case. There are awful foods with two blocks of long lines; these establishments are aggressively advertised on social media, creating hype despite the fact that the taste is bad. If you know Thais well enough, you’ll notice that they live by the hype even if the meal isn’t their favorite.

6. Avoid been ripped-off

As a foreigner, some dishonest vendors will try to take advantage of you by offering a less portion or charging you extra for the meal. Did you realize that there are dual-price restaurants all around the country? There are both domestic and international prices. I know it does sound ridiculous. That’s how thing works here. Since you’re not a local, they will try to charge you more if you did not thoroughly look at the price list. It does happen, but just a few places offer split pricing for locals and visitors. Don’t waste your time bargaining or arguing because they will not charge you the same price as the local. If you want to eat at a local diner, do your homework thoroughly.

7. Language Barrier

Most Thais do not know English beyond some simple words and phrases like “Thank you,” “How are you?” and “I’m Fine.” If the communication becomes more sophisticated, they will most likely try to avoid speaking by employing sign-language. What if you have a food allergy, are vegan, or halal? The majority of food sellers on the street are illiterate, and many do not speak a foreign language. If you wish to warn them to avoid certain ingredients in the food because you are allergic to them, you must communicate well with the seller; otherwise, they will prepare the food as routinely. Using Google Translate is ineffective since it does not properly convey the correct meaning to the translated language.


Thailand is a famous tourist destination, but it also has a diverse food culture. Some products are popular because of their location. Bangkok is well known for its street food heaven, and it is most known for its (excellent) sweet green curry, Thai Tom Yum Soup, spicy basil chicken, a coconut curry topped with pork and served with rice, and khao phat.

Exploring Bangkok for a good place to eat can be tiresome, unless you go to a popular restaurant like ‘Jay Fai’ the Michelin-starred shop or the famous pad-thai restaurant. Ho about you want something diversify and authentic to tourist? Joining a food tour in Bangkok can help to fulfilled your requirement.

Finally, if you truly enjoy Thai cuisine, I recommend doing a Thai food tour. It’s a fantastic chance to learn more about Thai cooking, travel around the neighborhood, and taste a variety of tasty foods. The tour brought us from one end of the city to the other, and you will get to see many great sights, ate delicious local food, and learned about the culture and people. If you dislike walking, you can try a ‘Tuk Tuk food tour‘ or ‘Thai Bus Food Tour‘. Every location we visited featured activities that were unique to that region, and you will enjoyed every minute of it.

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