Explore Bangkok With Food Tours

Experience the thrill and excitement of Bangkok's street foods!

Explore Bangkok with Food Tours



Yaowarat Road Chinatown Bangkok

Bangkok Food Tour

A 3 hours walking tour and explore hidden gems around Hua Lumphong and Yaowarat road to sample 6 different authentic street cuisines. Walk around the unexplored areas.

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Bangkok Tuk Tuk Food Tour

Hop on the Tuk Tuk with our friendly driver and guide and travel around the old town area to sample 6 different Thai dishes and non-alcoholic beverages.

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Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tour By Night

Experience the Magic of Bangkok like Never Before - Sightseeing Tuk Tuk Tour through Iconic Landmarks and a Delectable Dinner at Chinatown!

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Bangkok Chinatown Foodie & Cultural

Experience the vibrant and bustling energy of Bangkok's Chinatown on a 2-hour cultural and sightseeing walking tour.
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5:30PM (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

Saigon Food Tour

Discover the vibrant and diverse culinary scene of Ho Chi Minh City with our Saigon Food Tour. Discover the vibrant and diverse culinary scene of Ho Chi Minh City with our Saigon Food Tour.

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Hello! My name is Worawut Kijsiravej, you can call me Alex if you prefer. I am the owner of Bangkok-based Food Adventure Food Tours. We are a small food tour operator founded in 2019, just a few months before the pandemic hit us hard. Now that business has returned to normal. We are a locally owned business, and our FEO (Food Experience Officer) and I were born and grew up in the neighborhood where we run the tour and everyone is knowledgeable about local foods.


We have been food experts in the area where we run the tour for many years. We’ve worked with a variety of restaurants and caterers to help them create one-of-a-kind menus for our customers. For a few years, I also worked as a food tour guide for a local company. I understand what people want when it comes to food, and I am always able to assist them in finding the ideal place to eat. Before we decided to start our own company in 2019.


We are, however, a small food tour company run by locals. When you book our tour, you are not only supporting local businesses, also the employees and their families. But when you book a food tour with a foreign company, the profits leave our community. Please kindly support local businesses!


We are extremely enthusiastic about food. We have visited many different countries. No matter where we go, we’ll also take a food tour with a local to try out new foods we’ve never seen or tried before. Food can teach us about their culture and history. This is the primary reason we founded a food tour company, allowing our clients to sample different cuisines and discover eateries that are unfamiliar to many tourists.

Our Food Tours & Adventures

Let's foods intimate your adventures with insight into the history and cultures. Every dish has its own origin and story, you will get to try the very authentic Thai street foods where you can't find it in your country's Thai restaurants.

Experience our food tours in different way

Forget about Pad Thai, which local least favorite. Try popular things that local eat daily.

Experience the taste of thailand

Not only foods, you will get to experience the adventure in between the tour. It is our concept that bring our guests to places that they would never have been to if travel by their own.

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